In what is likely an effort to steal thunder from the NCAA Basketball Championship, and MLB's Opening Day, the NFL announced this morning that they'll stream 10 Thursday Night Football games on Twitter for the upcoming season. It would appear to be a natural fit, as almost "50 percent" of conversation on the social media site is already sports related.

Twitter beat out several other companies vying for the rights including: Verizon, Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo. 

Lest you think this is some sort of haymaker to television, know that the online games will be available in addition to the more traditional ways Thursday Night Football is currently aired, including broadcasts on NFL Network as well as games on CBS or NBC. The company hopes that the partnership will bolster their stagnant growth (relative to other social media networks) by giving their users live game action in addition to the pointless updates and lame ass memes they're already well accustomed to.


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