Gambling on sports is illegal in almost every single part of the United States, but that didn’t stop millions of Americans from placing bets on Super Bowl 50 last night. Billions of dollars were likely wagered on the big game. And apparently…President Obama isn’t against it?

During an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night, the Commander-in-Chief joked about betting on sports while talking about the Super Bowl.

“After every Super Bowl, I call the winning team to congratulate them,” he said, “and sometimes, I also call the losing team, especially if I bet on them.”

“Sir, I hate to break this to you,” Colbert told him, “but betting is illegal.”

“I’m the President,” President Obama said. “I hereby pardon myself.”

Check out President Obama’s Late Show entire appearance in the clip above. Is President Obama really pro-sports gambling?

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[via CBS Sports]