We’re usually against fighting of any kind at NFL games. Fans like this, this, and this have made it impossible for people to bring their kids to games. But in this particular instance, we wouldn’t have minded seeing a Patriots fan beat down a Broncos fan.

After the AFC Championship Game on Sunday—a game that the Broncos won, by the way—a Denver fan saw a Pats fan go into a Porta-Potty outside of Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. That fan then knocked the Porta-Potty over and left the New England fan in, well, a really shitty situation.

Fortunately, the clip above doesn’t show the guy getting out of the Porta-Potty. But we’d imagine dude wasn’t too happy about what happened. And unless he did something equally as horrible before entering the Porta-Potty, this was definitely grounds for a fight.

Congrats, Broncos fan. You just managed to make this awful Bengals fan look like a saint!

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[via Bro Bible]