We thought NFL fans were actually on their best behavior this past weekend. When we started scouring the Internet on Monday and Tuesday morning, we didn’t find any wild fights between fans. It was actually pretty nice to not have to write up another post about NFL fans behaving badly. And then, we came across the clip above.

It seems the Broncos honored their longtime team owner Pat Bowlen—who is battling Alzheimer’s disease—during halftime of their game against the Packers on Sunday night. They created a tribute video for him and everything. And while you’d think that fans would, you know, spend a few minutes watching the video in peace, the fans in the video you see here used it as an opportunity to fight.

One minute, you’re hearing former Broncos star Tom Jackson talk about Bowlen. And the next…BOOM. Some guy randomly gets knocked out as the tribute video plays in the background. So classy.

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[via Barstool Sports]