The SEPTA Transit Police in Philadelphia are now actively searching for those who were involved in the fight that took place between a Giants fan and a group of Eagles fans after this week's Monday Night Football game. SEPTA Transit Police have released a video that appears to show the Giants fan talking trash with the Eagles fans over the course of a four-minute period inside of a SEPTA station. At the end of the clip, you can clearly see one of the Eagles fans punch the Giants fan. Watch here:

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It’s hard to tell exactly what this Giants fan said to the Eagles fans here before the camera started rolling. If we had to guess, it probably had to do with either: A) Santa Claus, or B) Zero Super Bowls. But whatever he said really got under one Eagles fan’s skin and then…BAM. Trash talking over.

If you’re going to talk trash like this, at least pretend like you're prepared to deal with the consequences. What was this Giants fan thinking?!

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