NFL fans love to fight with each other. We learned that over and over and over again last season. So when more than 93,000 fans crammed into AT&T Stadium in Texas last night to watch the Cowboys take on the Giants, you just knew that something was going to pop off at some point, right?

Surprisingly, though, the first NFL fan fight of the young 2015-16 NFL season didn't involve a Cowboys fan going at it with a Giants fan. Instead, it involved a bunch of Cowboys fans exchanging words before a female Cowboys fan tried to fight a guy in a Tony Romo jersey. The guy didn't want any part of the fight—which is obviously a good thing—but the female fan wouldn't give up and nearly started a big brawl involving the entire section that they were sitting in.

Eventually, cooler heads prevailed, and security whisked the fight participants away. But it's only Week 1 and we're already seeing this stuff! Can you imagine what else is going to happen this season?

The action heats up at around the 1:10 mark of the clip above (WARNING: There is a LOT of NSFW language used throughout it!). It's a good thing this didn't turn out to be way worse.

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[via The Big Lead]