Did you see Johnny Manziel against the Titans last week? More than 170 yards passing! Two touchdowns! No turnovers! And most importantly, a W! Take that, Merril Hoge!

So of course, the Browns have decided to do what the Browns do best this week. They are going to keep Manziel in the lineup sit Manziel down against the Raiders on Sunday and let Josh McCown resume playing quarterback for them now that he has recovered from the concussion he sustained against the Jets during Week 1 of the season. Granted, Manziel didn't exactly have a Pro Bowl-worthy performance against Tennessee or anything (he only completed—welp—eight passes). But still…really, Browns? Your fan base is finally excited about one of your quarterbacks, and you reward them by going back to a guy who probably won't be with the team beyond this season?


Browns fans are responding the way you would expect them to. Here are some of the reactions we've seen to the news about McCown being inserted back into the starting lineup:

Sigh. Even when the Browns win, they lose.

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