If we've learned one thing about Mia Khalifa over the last six months, it's that you should NOT try to slide into her direct messages on Twitter. Back in January, she went as far as to call Drake out for doing it during an interview. And if she's willing to expose Drizzy, it's probably safe to assume she's willing to expose just about anyone.

Bills safety Duke Williams just found that out the really hard way. He has apparently been thirsting for Mia for more than five months now and has repeatedly sent her DMs on Twitter. It looks like he started back in February with an innocent "How you been?" message. But ever since then, he has continued to contact Mia—despite the fact that she has completely ignored him—and even went as far as to write, "Come to Miami," yesterday. That was the final straw for Mia, who put Williams on blast by taking a screenshot of his DMs and posting them on Twitter for all to see:

Damn! That sound you hear is dozens and dozens of athletes exiting Mia's DMs with the quickness. GET OUT, GUYS! GET OUT NOWWWWWWW! Or else...

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[via Reddit]

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