Following last night's Seahawks/Cardinals game in Arizona, reporters had a lot of questions for Marshawn Lynch. Lynch started off the game in the locker room with an upset stomach, so they asked him about that. He also seemed to have some neck and back tightness during the game, so they asked about that. And despite those ailments, Lynch broke off a Beast Mode-esque run in the fourth quarter of the game—a 79-yard scamper for a touchdown—so they asked about that as well.

But as usual, Lynch didn't really feel like talking at length about any of those things. So he responded to reporters' questions with the same basic answer:

Ha. That's right. Lynch's go-to response for reporters last night was "Thanks for asking." He used that answer over and over and over again—much like he repeatedly used the word "yeah" a couple weeks ago to answer all questions—as reporters peppered him with questions. And he didn't let up throughout the duration of his post-game interview:

From refusing to speak with the media earlier this season to now this, Lynch's odd relationship with reporters continues. Where will it take us to next?

[via For The Win]

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