There were many impressive runs during this NFL season, but there were very few Beast Mode plays. The term popularized by Marshawn Lynch can't be use to describe everything great, similar to how you can't describe a kid simply holding a door as "Jesus-like" (his mom probably trained him to that). There's an epic aura that surrounds such a run. 

The 25 Greatest NFL Beast Mode Runs consists of plays that have a number of broken tackles, a sense of "What the hell just happened" reaction surrounding the play, and just display of raw athleticism. Lynch provided the perfect example of one with his legendary 64-yard touchdown run and manhandling of cornerback Tracy Porter that happened in the Seahawks-Saints Wild Card game back in 2011. That would be up there on this list because:

  • That was the play that made Beast Mode a thing because of how Lynch straight-up ate that defense. Beasts are carnivorous. 
  • It was an improbable run. He was "supposed" to go down numerous times when it happened.
  • The ground shook...Literally.

Not even Adrian Peterson made the Earthquake, nor did Barry Sanders, Steve Young, or Brandon Jacobs. But when it comes to plays similar the ones that made this list. Few come close. 

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