After eight seasons and having not thrown a pass in a game since December 1, 2011, Vince Young has decided to retire from the NFL:

We have to ask, is it really a retirement if nobody is going to sign you? Because, um, if it is…I would also like to take this opportunity to announce my retirement from the NFL too.

Of course, this is not how we thought things were going to end for Young. He capped a brilliant college career with a 2006 BCS National Championship win over USC in one of the great Rose Bowls of all-time, and he was taken No. 3 overall in the NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans.

His first season with the Titans went pretty well, too; he was the NFL Rookie of the Year and made the Pro Bowl, and looked like someone who was going to have a long and productive career. After being benched at the start of the 2009 season, Young eventually overtook starter Kerry Collins and guided the Titans to an 8-2 finish and made another Pro Bowl.

That would basically be the end of VY as a productive player, though; after a 4-5 start to the next season, there was the infamous shoulder pad throwing incident, which ended Young’s Titans career. He’s gone on to be released by the Eagles, Packers, and most recently (and degradingly), the Browns.

Given his financial issues, we’re kind of surprised he’s decided to pack it in on his career. How is he going to pay for all those $5000 Cheesecake Factory dinners?

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