On Tuesday, a report emerged suggesting that Vince Young—who earned a rookie contract worth at least $26 million after the Tennessee Titans drafted him with the No. 3 pick overall in the 2006 NFL Draft—had blown through his fortune. But, that seemed nearly impossible to a lot of people (was he burning piles of money at night to stay warm or something?!). So, yesterday, a radio show in Nashville asked Nashville natives to call in if they had any insight into what VY might've been spending his money on during his time in Tennessee. And, wouldn't you know? A few of them had some very, very interesting stories about Young blowing large amounts of money on seemingly trivial things.

For instance, someone called up and said that they used to serve Young and his teammates at the Cheesecake Factory in Nashville after every single Titans home game in '06. They'd routinely run up a $4,000 bill—and Young always picked it up. Another person said that Young was in love with the "melon ball" drinks that the bartenders made at T.G.I. Friday's. So, he racked up tabs as high as $6,000 kicking it at Friday's. And, one young lady called in to say that she once took a flight from Nashville to Houston in 2007 with Young. We say "with Young," because she had never met him before but she got plenty of face time with him on the plane since he bought out all 120 tickets for the flight so that him and a few of his friends could fly alone. If true, that probably cost him upwards of $10,000 or more—and it was for a flight from Tennessee to Houston! Not exactly the wisest spending decision in the world.

None of these stories have been confirmed by Young or his camp (obviously!). But, if this is how Young was spending his money five years ago, can you imagine how quickly it went? SMH. No wonder he's having so much trouble right now.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]