A couple weeks ago, a report came out indicating that Vince Young—who signed a rookie deal worth at least $26 million in 2006—had gone broke thanks to a series of poor business decisions (and a bunch of ridiculous bar tabs at T.G.I. Friday's!). At the time, the report was based on hearsay, and VY denied the fact that he'd blown through his fortune. But, late last week, the Houston Chronicle was able to corner Young, and he admitted that he is going through some financial difficulties, mostly because of the people around him who invested his money improperly or outright stole it without his consent.

"I admit it's my fault for trusting these guys and not paying attention to what they were doing," Young says of his former agent Major Adams, his former business manager Ron T. Peoples, and his uncle Keith Young who instructed both men to make certain business move on Young's behalf. "[I was] trusting people that I felt had the best interest for me, and they didn't. I don't understand that. It breaks my heart."

Young also reiterated that he isn't broke—"If I was, I wouldn't be out here playing golf," he said—but he admitted that he has lost a lot of money that he's hoping to reclaim through several lawsuits that he's filed.

"I did get a couple of warning signs, but I trusted these guys," he said. "I was playing football, and when you're a young guy coming into the league, of course you're focused on playing football, learning the offense, fitting in with teammates."

Unfortunately, Young, who is a free agent, doesn't have any teammates right now. And, as a result, he doesn't have a steady paycheck coming in, either. So, things probably aren't going to get any better for him anytime soon unless he wins a settlement in court. Such a sad story.

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[via Houston Chronicle]