Believe it or not, it's been almost three years now since Vince Young last suited up for an NFL game. He spent a brief period of time with the Buffalo Bills in 2012 and worked out with the Green Bay Packers last year during training camp. But he hasn't actually played in a regular season game since the 2011 season when he was with the Philadelphia Eagles. But it sounds like VY is going to get one more chance to make the NFL thing happen this summer.

According to ESPN, the Cleveland Browns have decided to give Young a chance to make their squad this season. The Browns—who currently have Brian Hoyer and Alex Tanney on their roster—signed both Young and Tyler Thigpen to the team in the hopes of finding a backup for Hoyer, who is currently penciled in as their starter. That doesn't mean that Young will definitely be on the team next season. But it does mean that, at the very least, he'll get a shot to play QB in the league again.

Good for him. But if this doesn't work out—if the Browns of all teams don't want Young—then he's got to seriously consider retirement, right? Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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[via ESPN NFL]

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