Earlier this month, the Cleveland Browns decided to give Vince Young one more chance in the NFL by signing him to their roster. But a short time ago—four days after drafting Johnny Manziel—they gave him the boot. That's right. Just two weeks after signing him, Young has already been released by the Browns. Or as one Twitter user put it:

That isn't the only Vince Young joke we've seen on Twitter, either. In fact, while most people out there are focused on the Jay Z/Solange fight right now, there are also quite a few people clowning Vince Young on Twitter at the moment. So many of them got involved that, for awhile, "Damn Vince Young" was even trending. So here are a few of the craziest Vince Young-related tweets that we've come across since Cleveland showed him the door:

This one might just be our favorite Vince Young tweet, though:

Damn! Can you even imagine what people would be saying right now if they weren't so focused on Jay Z and Solange? It might not feel like it, Vince, but you actually got pretty lucky today.

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