Date: 11/17/2013

Brooks should not be on this list this week. He made a great tackle on Drew Brees during the 49ers/Saints game last Sunday, forced a fumble, and put San Francisco in the perfect position to knock off New Orleans. However, his week took a turn for the worst when he got flagged on the play for hitting Brees above the shoulders. The controversial call gave the Saints the ball back and gave them 15 yards on the play, which allowed them to pull out a win. And later in the week, Brooks also received a $16,000 fine from the NFL for making the hit, despite the fact that replays showed that he didn't hit Brees in the head. To his credit, Brooks took all the attention that the hit received in stride. "I'm not upset," he said. "Obviously it's given me a lot of publicity. This is the most publicity I've ever had, off of one play." It's just too bad it's not positive publicity.