Very early this morning, TMZ Sports got their hands on this video of Lamar Odom and one of his friends rapping. In their write-up for the video, TMZ alludes to the fact that the video proves Odom is still struggling with drugs. We are not going to go there or make any assumptions about this video. But when you watch the clip, you'll understand why we referred to it as "the most painful thing you'll watch this week" in the title. From the struggle bars (do you even really consider this rapping?!) to the fact that Odom and his friend are both shirtless for some reason to the grainy cell phone footage (was this recorded on the first cameraphone ever?!), everything about this clip is sad. So, so, so, so, so sad.

If you think you can handle it, press play. But you're never going to look at Lamar Odom the same again once you do.

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[via TMZ Sports]