The name Iman Shumpert is going to be the cause of many headaches and aneurysms for New York fans over the next couple of days. The Knicks were in position to win and upset what was supposed to be a 9-2 Pacers. Instead, the Pacers are 10-1 and the Knicks are 3-8 thanks to Shumpert's fingers. Shumpert fouled Paul George behind the three-point line, leading to the consequent free throwsthat tied the game. Pacers ended up winning in overtime 101-96, sending Knicks fans into a rage that can  only be expressed on Twitter. Probably every other immediate reaction would've been illegal. Here's Knicks Fans Turn Suicidal and Blame Iman Shumpert After Tonight's OT Loss to the Pacers.

Then A$AP Rocky was seen dapping up Paul "I Scored 35 Points on Your Hometown Team" George after the game. Twitter's lack of behavior in response was legendary.

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[via Beyond The Buzzer]