They say that "numbers never lie," but in the case of black players in the MLB, numbers don't tell the entire story. Last year, African Americans made up just over seven percent of players in the league, but that has nothing to do with a lack of interest in the sport growing up. Instead, the issue lends itself more on a financial standpoint.

Unlike basketball where all you really need is a ball and a court that requires little maintenance, you need a bat, ball, glove and an open field just to play baseball. Yes, there is a certain element of truth to the statement that baseball can be boring, but when broken down to its bare bones, the sport has all the elements that kids thoroughly enjoy when they're growing up. Who doesn't like trying to hit something with a bat or stick? Who doesn't like to throw and catch a ball while it's in the air? It's an enjoyable game to play, it's just all that damn downtime that's the problem.