Date: 11/19/2004
Sport: Basketball
Punishment: 86-game suspension (Ron Artest), 30-game suspension (Stephen Jackson), 15-game suspension (Jermaine O'Neal), 6-game suspension (Ben Wallace), 5-game suspension (Anthony Johnson), 1-game suspension (Reggie Miller), 1-game suspension (Chauncey Billups), 1-game suspension (Derrick Coleman), 1-game suspension (Elden Campbell)

The Malice at the Palace might be one of the most damaging on-court incidents in American sports history. Say what you will about these athletes, but when they fight usually they keep it among themselves. Not so in this case, where a beer hurled at Ron Artest after an on-court scuffle with Ben Wallace led the anger-prone Pacer to sprint into the stands to fight the guilty party. His loyal teammates followed him, and the ensuing brawl was as close as the NBA will ever come to a full-on riot at a game. It's such a black eye for the league that it's pretty much the only NBA clip that the league actively seeks out and removes from YouTube.