1993 was a big year for sports flicks (if there is such a thing) featuring Cool Runnings, an inspirational "true" story about the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team who finished dead last.

Rudy an inspirational "true" story about a persistent little runt who wouldn't quit (though he clearly should) and finishes his career with a sack at Notre Dame.

Another fairly big name football picture: The Program was released which, if you haven't seen it, is kind of like Friday Night Lights except it takes place in college.

Rookie of the Year (starring one of the guys from American Pie) was another "film" released in '93 about a kid who breaks his arm which allows him to throw a fastball that tops out around the speed of light. Fun fact: both Cool Runnings and Rookie of the Year featured John Candy who, unfortunately, died a year later.

The biggest sports movie that hit theaters, however, was the nostalgic cult classic The Sandlot centering around a boy who gels in a new neighborhood with some kids by playing baseball all summer on a field that they improvise (odds are you already knew that). It sparked numerous references for the generation which grew up with it like saying "forever" over and over and calling the crappiest player on your squad "Smalls." We too are unable to avoid the movie's aforementioned nostalgia. We just find it odd because it takes place in 1962.

The biggest (sports) gaming release of the year was in arcades (remember those) with NBA Jam, a game that let you go two on two with a few of your buddies. It's a game that imprinted enough in our memories to still get referenced.