And the Winner Is...Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight will make sure to burn all the footage of his 2012-13 season. The worst part of his year was how the collection of embarrassing lowlights spanned from All-Star Weekend to the end of this season. That's less than two months of constant ridicule. The worst part is Knight displayed his futility on both sides of the ball.

From his missed layup against Boston to Kyrie destroying his ankles to what has to be the dunk of the season by DeAndre Jordan, Brandon has had a rough go at it. Even this knockdown by Nikola Pekovic of the Timberwolves was just downright embarrassing. It's safe to say that Brandon Knight has officially made the Detroit Pistons #failcity with his inability to get out of the way. Just watch one of his videos on mute while playing this in the background and enjoy his lowlight reel.