Years Played: 1995-2005
All Time Stats: 14,101 Rushing Yards, 90 Rushing TDs, 4.0 Yards Per Carry
Accolades: 5x Pro Bowler, 1x All-Pro

Hey look everybody, it's something related to the Jets that's actually good! Curtis Martin bolted from the Pats after three solid seasons and a ROY trophy to the New York Jets and was a model of consistency for their rushing attack for the next eight seasons. He topped 1,000 yards in all but his final year including a 1,697 yard/12 TD year at age 31! Rarely did he break a big run off, Martin would be the guy you could depend on to get you those five yards you needed for the first down. He would also consistently catch 40 balls out of the backfield and block blitzes with some of the best of them. So yeah, he's pretty much everything the Jets need right now.