Whether he plays for your bitter rival or you just ain't feeling his style, every fan loves to hate an athlete. During the last couple seasons, LeBron James has claimed the title of 'Most Hated' and his new teammates Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade weren't too far behind. The way he handled his free agency was egotistical to say the least and don't get us started on the parade/concert the Heat had when the Big Three were formally introduced. Before James, it was Kobe Bryant who drew the most hate. People don't like the Lakers and some feel like he tries too hard to be Jordan. Plus, he had the sexual assault accusation in Eagle, CO.

These days, NBA fans have shifted their vile hatred to other players. Cats like the oh so soft Pau Gasol and Ray Benedict Allen (OK, just in Boston) have been taking a lot of shit lately. As well as, Carlos Boozer and his spray-painted dome along with Blake Griffin and his flopping ways. Check the rest of the 20 Most Hated Players in the NBA Today.

Written by Angel Diaz (@graffnameramo)