Last week, the Denver Nuggets rolled the dice and traded their anchor in the middle for the past ten years, Nene Hilario, for JaVale McGee. He's not a total scrub; dude does have some potential. JaVale is a rare true 7-footer in a league in need of them. His mother has gone as far as calling him "the future." But that is a future many teams want no part of. Head coaches want nothing to do with a future filled with knucklehead plays and "WTF are you doing out there?" antics. McGee has tried to dunk from the foul line in a game, savagely gone after a triple-double while being down by 20, and has had many more "SMH" moments. So, as he gets ready to (hopefully) make his Nuggets debut this week, check out JaVale McGee's 10 Biggest Fails.

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