NBA players have rocked a variety of hairstyle trends over the years. Afros in the '70s, Jheri curls in the '80s, baldies and fades in the '90s, and cornrows in the early 2000s. Some ballers can pull those looks off while others look like they pay their stylists in bath salt ounces. Andrew Bynum falls into the latter category.

Last night he appeared on the Philadelphia 76ers bench rocking what looks to be the unfortunate work of a hot comb. Once images of Bynum's 'do hit the Interwebs, everyone from celebs to Average Joes weighed in. Freddie Gibbs went so far as to say the haircut "is everything that is wrong with black America." Whoa. See what everyone else from Skip Bayless to Killer Mike had to say in Twitter Reacts to Andrew Bynum's Hair.

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