Carlos Boozer has been ethered plenty of times in the past. He's been ethered by Horace Grant. He's been ethered by Scottie Pippen. Son, he's even been ethered by Joel Przybilla. Joel-motherfuckin'-Przybilla! But, he's never been ethered like this before. In a new Q&A with Dime, Freddie Gibbs doesn't just ether Boozer. He ETHERS him.

"I don't fuck with Boozer," he says. "I rather trade that nigga for the 90th-round draft pick and for four D-League niggas. He's supposed to be like Karl Malone, man. But, he's nowhere near, man. We need someone like LaMarcus Aldridge." [Ed. note: How much does it hurt Bulls fans that they drafted Aldridge in '06 and traded him for—sigh—Tyrus Thomas?]

Yo, hold up: Did Gibbs just say a 90th-round pick and four D-Leaguers?!?!? Dead. Goodbye.

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[via Dime]