"Bottom line is Andrew is out indefinitely." That was all Philadelphia 76ers general manager Tony DiLeo had to say when the topic of Andrew Bynum and a possible return to the court was brought up. "There are no timelines; we just have to wait and see how he reacts," DiLeo continued. Since trading for Bynum in that blockbuster deal that sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Sixers have yet to see a return on their investment and it looks like they have no idea how much longer they will need to wait before their "calculated risk," as DiLeo puts it, is physically ready to play.  

Going into the four-team Howard trade, the Sixers knew Bynum and his knees, which his doctors are currently referring to as in a "weakened cartilage state," was a high risk, high reward type of player. "We also knew we were getting the second-best center in the league, a franchise-type player. We took that risk," DiLeo added. It also probably didn't help that the 25-year-old center decided to hit the bowling lanes in his already injured state, but at this point, the Sixers are simply hoping that rest will heal the cartilage in Bynum's knees.    

With Bynum currently in the final year of his contract, the Sixers were hoping to sign him to an extension next summer. However, if these knee problem persist, you have to believe that DiLeo and the rest of the 76ers front office will think long and hard before signing him to any long-term deal. 

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