We're 13 weeks into the 2012-13 season and you know what that means: NFL fans are ready to take their dedication to the next level. That's right, as teams battle for playoff positions it's time for some repulsive fans to bare their nipples in freezing temperatures, start beefing with their fantasy football commissioners, and change their profile pictures to their favorite athletes.

There are even some super fans that take their devotion to new extremes by permanently inking their love for the NFL on their bodies. Unfortunately, these tattoos rarely work out according to plan. Like the fan that got the Steelers tattoo without a proper spell check. Or the fan that asked for a Patriots tattoo and got a deformed creature, instead. Listen, guys, it's not that hard to find a decent tattoo artist to execute your wildest NFL tattoo dreams but until then, we'll just keep laughing. For now, here are some of the most hilarious NFL fan tattoo fails of all time

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