How far do you go with your fandom when it comes to your appearance? Do you rock a certain fitted or snapback regularly? Maybe you break out your lucky jersey every Sunday? If you're feeling a little hyped, you'll probably even throw on the matching pair of Js that you bought to match your team's colors. If that's as far as you'll go then that's good. Keep it that way.

Unfortunately, there are tons of people that take their fandom style to the extreme on the reg. Face paint? Yeah, that's a little crazy. Co-ordinating your outfit with your family or friends? Yup, that's kind of weird. Exposing your nipples in 10 degree weather just to show off your body paint that's styled after your team? That's repulsive. We're not sure what it is about NFL fans that makes them display their loyalty in such extreme ways but they do it often. Doubt us? Check out this gallery of the most repulsive NFL fans.