Date: 7/24/2004
Game: NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox
Location: Fenway Park (Boston)

Beantown vs. the Bronx is one of the best rivalries in sport, to put it bluntly, these two don't like each other. In this installment we see one of the newest Yankees at the time, Alex Rodriguez, take exception to getting hit in the back by Bronson Arroryo. Cue the fireworks.

A few "choice" words are said by A-Rod to Red Sox cappy Jason Varitek, who is trying to "encourage" A-Rod to take his base. See, there's no need to curse. Needless to say Rodriguez doesn't want to go quietly into the night. Varitek responds to Alex's, "Come at me bro," by putting his catchers mitt into A-Rod's face. Benches clear and it's just another chapter in this heated rivalry.