Favorite Team(s): Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Dallas Mavericks (NBA), New Orleans Saints (NFL), New Jersey Nets (NBA)
Dated An Athlete?: Kris Humphries (Power Forward, Brooklyn Nets), Lamar Odom (Power Forward, Los Angeles Clippers), Miles Austin (Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys), Reggie Bush (Running Back, Miami Dolphins), Rashad McCants (Shooting Guard, Minnesota Timberwolves)

The Kardashian sisters—at least Khloe and Kim—definitely have a thing for ball players. Both have famously carried on relationships with NFL and NBA players, all under the microscope of reality TV cameras. Before Khloe settled down with two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom, she was involved with Rashad McCants, formerly of the Minnesota Tmberwolves.

Kim dated NFL stars Reggie Bush and Miles Austin, and even tied the knot with NBA baller Kris Humphries (only to file for divorce after 72 days of marriage bliss). Nonetheless, all three sisters are sports fans and can often be found on the sideline rooting for Lamar and whoever Kim happens to be dating. So, while they might not be particularly attached to one team, they turn up and show their appreciation for popular sporting events.