Carroll Shelby is, without a doubt, the most influential chicken farmer in the automotive industry. We talking about a farm-boy from Texas who decided that he wanted to stick it to the rich, big-shot Europeans in their Ferraris; he certainly did. While the highlight of his racing career was certainly when he piloted an Aston Martin DBR1 to victory in the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Strangely, in the end, the most important thing that happened during this race was when Shelby looked over his shoulder and thought "hey, that AC Bristol looks like a really great little sports car." Later that little British roadster would gain a big-ass American V8 and become one of the greatest sports cars to ever represent the stars and stripes. 

That, however, was only the beginning of Shelby's long career of creating the best cars to ever come out of the USA. These are Carroll Shelby's 25 Best Cars.

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