Twitter's only been around for five-and-a-half years, you say, how can there possibly be 100 Twitter Fails just in sports? Oh, how little you know about about the curious chemistry between sports and Twitter that produces such a treasure trove of stupidity and regret. There were even two major Twitter sports fails just this weekend!

On Friday, it emerged that highly-touted high school football player Yuri Wright had been expelled from school and may lose out on scholarship offers because of ill-conceived tweets he's sent; and Saturday night a Penn State student news agency confirmed the death of Joe Paterno—some 10 hours before he actually passed.

Yes, instant access combined with the dubious decision making of many athletes (not always the sharpest knives in the drawer) has made for lots of cringe-inducing entertainment over the years. So from casual racism to blatant homophobia, from self-incrimination to self-ethering, and from the sublimely stupid to the just plain dumb, here are the 100 Biggest Twitter Fails in Sports History.