Here are a few things that you probably don't want to tweet out if you're a high school football player being recruited by a bunch of major college football programs (WARNING: Stop reading now if you are easily offended):

"Yo my pops just drove by and splash some jewish lady with mad water"

"So we learning about the pussy and the teacher tells me when a girls squirts that's not a organism [sic]"

"Its like I need pussy everyday to be satisfied going to school with a whole bunch of guys sucks"

SMH. Seems like common sense that you wouldn't tweets thought like this out, right? Especially when you know that a bunch of different colleges might be watching your every move. But that's exactly what Yuri Wright—a prized recruit who was trying to decide whether to attend Michigan, Notre Dame, or Rutgers on a football scholarship next fall—did. And now? Well, he just got expelled from his high school and it looks like all three of those schools (and countless others!) might be rescinding their scholarship offers. Sorry, Yuri. But you did it to yourself.

And, yo, man: Organism? Really? SMH again.

[via Football Nation]

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