Last week, KD and the Based God joked about settling a score on the basketball court. Turns out, it might not be a joke after all. serious, B? [Twitter]

Pittsburgh's got a situation! Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin plans on watching a few episodes of Jersey Shore before the big game on Sunday. [Yardbarker]

One day, we're gonna read a story about Albert Haynesworth with a positive spin. Until then, here's one about his road rage. This guy is one big-ass #FAIL. [Washington Post]

There were three fights in the first four seconds of a Dallas Stars/Boston Bruins game Thursday night. Somebody musta really been going in with the Yo Mama jokes, huh? [Deadspin]

President Obama and his wife will be watching Super Bowl XLV with—drumroll, please—J. Lo and Marc Anthony! Sigh. [Shutdown Corner]

But according to SI's Peter King, at least the Prez will have a better time than the folks trying to get to the big game. [Twitter]