Remember when it felt like you were the only one who knew about Lil B? Hold those memories tight, because they're no longer a reality. He's rocked sold-out concerts in NYC and now his peers are really starting to take notice. Everyone from Lupe Fiasco to Pete Wentz has expressed support for the 21-year-old sensation. Most recently, the Based God spent some time with 50 Cent and also got word from CyHi Da Prynce on Kanye West's reaction to his infamous Twitter threat. We spoke to him about all this as well as about NBA star Kevin Durant's shots at him. Check out our brief, but revealing, conversation below...

Interview by Ernest Baker (@newbornrodeo)

Complex: We couldn't get in touch because you were traveling all day. Where have you been?

Lil B: Man, I was out there in New York. I had a meeting with 50 Cent.

Complex: What were you talking about with 50?

Lil B: Just some business, man. Seeing what he thinks. Getting some good knowledge. He's a good businessman and I'm really working on my entrepreneurship. So I definitely wanted to get some info from him. 50's a good dude.

Complex: What did he have to say? As far as music, and business advice.

Lil B: He was explaining some of his story and some of his background. He's a real well-spoken dude. Just very upfront. He was talking about business deals. We really wasn't talking too much about my music. More about my business and my work ethic and how hard I go and how active I am with my support base and what I'm doing without his help or a major label or anybody. It was a very healthy talk, man. It was great. Getting a chance to learn some of his struggles and see what he's doing now. He's a real authentic guy. The first time I really met him, like shook his hand, was out in the Bay Area, but we never really got a chance to talk. He had a show out in San Francisco. This was the first time we really got a chance to sit down, talk, make some jokes, laugh, and stuff.

Complex: How did the meeting happen?

Lil B: Well, Tony Yayo is my dude. Tony Yayo is a big supporter of my music. I think he'd just been telling 50 about me, what I do, and my grind, what kind of artist I am. And 50's been seeing me around and paying attention, too. I be all over, his website. He's been watching and seeing what I been doing. He knows I'm very controversial like him. He wrote a book, I wrote a book. His first record deal was bad like mine with The Pack and we learned and got out of it. It's a bunch of similarities between us, man. It was great.

Complex: I saw Kanye's engineer Mike Dean hitting you on Twitter, and I personally know dudes around Kanye have told him about you. Have you heard anything from 'Ye yet?

Lil B: I was talking to CyHi, man. He hit me up on Twitter. He was just telling me, "Kanye and Lupe got super love for you," and I'm like, "That's amazing." Then he was like, "They been cooking all day. 'Ye be always doing it," and I'm like, "That's great." I was just telling CyHi, "Make sure you tell 'Ye and tell the team I got love for y'all. I was just joking around [about fucking Kanye in the ass]." CyHi was like, "'Ye knew you was joking. What 'Ye gon' do? Get mad? 'Ye got money. 'Ye rich. What he gon' do? Get more rich? You know it's all love over here." It feels good to know Kanye supports me. I'ma see him at Coachella and get that studio time in.

Complex: Not everyone is a fan, though. Kevin Durant said he can't believe you're relevant.

Lil B: [Laughs.] Man, NBA superstar haters! I was talking to Kevin Durant on the DM. I was showing him love like, "KD, it's all good." But Kevin Durant looks like a hater. He looks like somebody that's gonna hate you. I've seen a couple snapshots of him. He just looks like a hater, bro. KD, you're the No. 1 leader in points. Be happy! Smile. I heard he has a rap artist and that's why he was trippin'. But, man, KD? I'ma beat him in basketball and then he's gonna have to listen to my music. Then I'ma ask him, "Who's your favorite artist, KD?" Then he's gonna tell me and I'ma play my songs that shit on his favorite artist.

Complex: Are you gonna fuck his bitch?

Lil B: Hmm. Am I gonna fuck Kevin Durant's bitch? If he offers, I might take up the offer. But if KD doesn't offer, I really don't have any intentions to do that. I just wanna play KD in a one-on-one and show him my skills. Show him that Based basketball. Cross him over a couple times and make him feel like a son.