Buzz around the next generation Ford GT has been building for some time. Now, Auto Express has everyone speculating in an environmentally friendly manner, stating that the next version will pack a supercharged V8 paired with an electric motor. The dual-heart set-up will make another boost of horsepower available at the push of a button. 

Adding to the interesting new-school configurations of gas and electric, modern GT 2.0 will apparently have its rear wheels powered by gas, with all electric going up front - making a dual-powered all-wheel-drive monster, with total power figures somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 hp.

The automotive world will be keeping close watch on the situation for obvious reasons, as well as to see how accurate AE's sources are. Will it get you one of them commute-busting car pool lane stickers? Uh, don't count on that.

Source: Auto Express

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