The time to acquire that highly coveted pair of Nike SB Dunks from the line's golden era has passed. It is not a buyer's market when it comes to the most hyped SBs. Not five years ago, things were much different, and some of the line's best sneakers from the 2000s could be had for relatively low prices on the secondary market. A low level of Dunk interest and the general idea that Nike SB was dead pushed prices to their nadir.

Since then, global superstar rappers like Travis Scott ignited renewed interest in SB Dunks, Off-White designer Virgil Abloh helped resurface the Dunk, and demand skyrocketed prices for anything that was remotely hyped in years past. Fear not, though, there are still good, old Nike SBs available on the resell market for somewhat reasonable prices. These are the ones your favorite rapper hasn't posted on social media and inflated the prices for. If you're going hunting for old SB Dunks, here are a few more affordable options that will still set you apart.