Back in 2006, Edison Chen and his Hong Kong-based streetwear label, CLOT, teamed up with Nike for the first time, creating one of the most unique iterations of the Air Max 1 ever. Now 15 years later, Chen and the Swoosh are bringing the “Kiss of Death” Air Max 1 back to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Since the release of said Air Max 1, CLOT has gone on to become one of the most powerful names in sneaker collaboration, creating numerous heralded renditions of their silk-laden Air Force 1s and a number of notable pairings with the Jordan Brand. Throughout all of CLOT’s work with Nike and Jordan, there is a fundamental connection to his Chinese culture, whether it be an homage to the terracotta army, luxe silk materials, or something as simple as foot reflexology.

Sure, the colorway of this Air Max 1 and its hidden details paying homage to the aforementioned art of Chinese foot massage were eye-catching in their own right, but it was the clear window in its toebox that really set it apart. While this icon set to return as part of Nike’s Air Max month festivities in 2021 carries over most of its original design, there are a few key differences to note on the new version. Check out the similarities and differences highlighted below.