10 Excuses Sneakerheads Use To Not Buy Sneakers



With so much heat dropping nearly every week, it is almost impossible for even the most avid (or richest) sneakerheads to get every shoe that they want. For whatever reason, our ego can get the best of us and instead of simply stating we can't afford them or are choosing to make a responsible decision and pass, we blame our misfortune on someone — or something — else. Check out 10 Excuses Sneakerheads Use To Not Buy Sneakers and let us know which excuses you have run across that need to be added to the list. 

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"Oh Sh*t, Those Already Dropped?"

"I Only Mess With OGs"

"I'm Not Lining Up For Them Sh*ts"

"Man, I Got Rent Comin' Up"

"Those Are Just GR's"

"I Already Have the Originals"

"I Ain't Got No Room, B."

"Those Are For The Hypebeasts, Dawg."

"My Girl Won't Let Me"

"Quality Sucks, Bro!"