The sneaker resale market just won't stop. Just when it seems like things are headed for a downturn, another boom hits, keeping the cycle moving and furthering the near-unattainable status of certain hard-to-find shoes.

While some so-called resellers nickle and dime with as many shoes as they can get their hands on each week, it takes a discerning eye to truly make your money work for you in the aftermarket. Whether it's a sneaker that's been slept on with the potential to really blow up, or an already pricey pair that just won't stop, certain styles can be far more lucrative than others to stash. Don't get us wrong, we're advocates for wearing your sneakers, but this is for that set of people who inevitably pop up on social media asking which pairs are and aren't worth reselling. 

To get to the bottom of things, we sought out insight from StockX CEO Josh Luber, a man who knows a thing or two about treating footwear as arbitrage. The first thing Luber stressed was that restocks—especially to the magnitude of what's been seen with the Adidas Yeezy line—are highly detrimental to long-term value. It may seem like this goes without saying, but the repeated re-releases affect more than just Kanye's sneakers. Luber says this is also a big part of why comparably sought-after shoes which rarely (if ever) restock—like Virgil Abloh's Off-White Nikes—continue to be some of the most valuable.

"Restocks totally kill the value, totally kill the long-term hope," Luber explains. "Who knows what Kanye’s going to decide. I wouldn’t bet on any Yeezys for long term value until we see a change in that strategy...At the other end, Nike has done a good job. They haven’t re-released any of the Off-White [collaborations], the original 'The Ten' is going to be worth a lot."

For a deeper look into which sneakers could be worth keeping around, scroll down. However, keep in mind that while this list is based on real-time data and trends, the sneaker market is just as volatile as the actual stock market, so play with caution.