P.J. Tucker has been the on-court king for some time now. It’s a fact his peers conceded last year by naming him no. 1 in the National Basketball Player’s Association end-of-season awards. Tucker’s unmatched arsenal saw him wear everything from ‘Cactus Jack’ Jordan IVs and Off-Whites, to vintage kicks and insane rare finds during the 2017-2018 campaign. The guy wore a whopping 22 different pairs in 17 games during last season’s playoffs. He’ll face competition this season from the likes of perennial challengers like LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Dame Lillard. They’re all guys with sig models who have designers crafting colorways at their whims. Then, there will always be younger guys like Kyle Kuzma, whose new deal with GOAT provides cheat code access to every shoe imaginable.

Things get even more interesting off the court. Cameras are now tuned in to see what the guys are wearing to the arena and to postgame press conferences. The players, in turn, have treated arena hallways like their personal catwalk. We’re talking expensive coats, sweatpants dripping in swag, dapper hats, and everyone seems to carry one of those tiny bags with who knows what inside.

When selecting who does it best, James’ name has to be mentioned as would James Harden, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade, to name a few. But make no mistake—Russell Westbrook is the guy when it comes to off-court styles. The Thunder guard is a fashion rebel who’s willing to take risks with his sartorial choices, whether it be donning sleeveless shirts, an array of sunglasses, and the tightest fitting pants known to man at times. When his playing days are over, don’t be surprised if Westbrook has built a fashion empire with his own clothing line called Honor the Gift.