Buying a pair of hyped sneakers now involves a heightened degree of difficulty. Consumers have to wait in line, enter raffles, and RSVP via Twitter. It's quite the hassle. Although more than a handful of sneakers sold out instantly over the year, there were other sneakers that didn't get shown as much love, or aren't remembered as the best sneakers of the year. But to the right person, underrated sneakers are even better than the ones that get beasted over.

There's no science to why a sneaker gets slept on. There are sneakers that are ahead of their time, and others that get drowned with a bevy of stellar releases. But underappreciated sneakers are easier to purchase, can be had at below retail, and will separate the wearer from others that are content with wearing the same few sneakers. Some of these sneakers are long gone, but a lot of them still can be copped, here are The 20 Most Underrated Sneakers of 2013.

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