6. Dwyane Wade 

Brand move: Converse to Jordan Brand to Li-Ning 

To be honest, this one should be an incomplete for now, because we have no idea what Dwyane Wade's move to Li-Ning will do for any of the parties involved. As a rookie, Wade signing with Converse was a blue-collar move for Marquette's entry into the star-studded class of 2003. He won a ring reppin' the Star Chevron and it made everyone take notice—even Michael and Tinker. Jordan personally helped select the Illinois-born Wade to make the move over to JB to help carry his name on the hardwood and in the streets. Flash earned his own signature line and brought home more hardware while signed to Jordan Brand. But his own shoes never really pushed crazy units like LeBron or Kobe, and for reasons yet to be made entirely clear, he made a surprise decision last week to part ways with Jordan Brand and move forward with Chinese brand Li-Ning.