Year: 2007

adidas' EQT series is one of the greatest sneaker lines ever (complete with Peter Moore, the man behind the Jordan I on design duties), but for a while the series fell into a no-man's land between Originals and performance. After an early 2006 retro of the original colorway, this collaboration seemed to appear from nowhere. Graffiti collaborations are generally terrible — all drips, Brooklyn Kid style fonts and gaudy characters. This project brought the hardcore sensibility of the IRAK crew to the EQT, but jettisoned the obvious stuff. Whether any of the crew members ever boosted this expensive shoe the first time around is a mystery, but the colors and impossible to miss 'IRAK 2007' or 'IRAK 2008' on the forefoot just looked right, and those complaining about that brutal-looking branding were missing the point a little. While it's part of the Remix project of the time, how these shoes came to be (the ALIFE connection?) was never fully explained, but in a world so reliant on the preview, closer look and behind the scenes Vimeo, that ambiguity is refreshing.