Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Year(s): 1995

This campaign was first launched on November 4, 1995 to coincide with the start of the NBA season (remember those?). Lil' Penny was another Nike alter ego created for the newest league sensation, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. "Lil' Penny is crazy. But people will like him," said Hardaway in a 1995 interview."Most people see me as being very reserved so I think they will see a different side of me with the ads. The NIKE people know that I like to kid around and make jokes, so this concept really works for me." In each of the commercials, Lil' Penny's behavior always seems to be a source of contention between the two characters. Lil' Penny (voiced by Chris Rock) is always mouthing off and Anfernee is constantly trying to quiet him down. We also see the Lil' Penny campaign cross over with other Nike campaigns and athletes. We also have to thank (or blame) Lil' Penny for bringing a young Tyra Banks further into the national spotlight.