Tyrese is “still team Will Smith,” telling fans in a social media update overnight that he’ll never have “a change of heart” about the Oscar-winning actor.

“[T]here’s nobody on this earth that will ever influence me to ever have a change of heart towards the BIGGEST INFLUENCE in my life,” Tyrese said on Instagram, as seen below. In the same post, Tyrese also shared praise for Smith’s most recent film, the Antoine Fuqua-directed Emancipation.

“I just can’t believe how masterful this overall movie is,” he said.

Tyrese and Will Smith pictured together on Instagram
Image via Tyrese on Instagram

While Tyrese didn’t name a specific reason for the Smith shout-out, it comes following Tuesday night’s Golden Globes ceremony, during which The Slap was (expectedly) made the subject of jokes. Host Jerrod Carmichael, for example, joked following a commercial break about Smith being given “the Rock Hudson Award for Best Portrayal of Masculinity on Television.”

Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient Eddie Murphy, meanwhile, got a bit more specific in his own joke about Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. During his acceptance speech, Murphy outlined a three-step “blueprint” he said he’s followed his entire career, the final tenet of which he joked was to “keep Will Smith’s wife name out your fucking mouth.”

As for Tyrese, this isn’t the first time he’s expressed effusive praise for Smith. Last July, Tyrese addressed Smith’s sharing of an apology video about The Slap by commending him as his “forever and ever hero” for how he navigated the post-slap landscape.

Also in 2022, Tyrese spoke with Karla Rodriguez for Complex about Morbius and much more. Right at the top of the conversation, Tyrese reflected on his experience of watching the Jared Leto-led film for the first time, revealing that he began the screening with the sudden realization of needing to urinate. However, per Tyrese, “that shit went away” while he watched the movie.

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