Earlier this year it was reported that HBO Max had begun working on an animated Game of Thrones spinoff, and now there are apparently more in the works.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, two more animated shows are in development for HBO Max, making for a total of three possible offerings. It’s worth mentioning these series aren’t necessarily even at the production stage, however. HBO previously cancelled a Thrones prequel starring Naomi Watts after shooting the pilot.

One of the three animated projects in development is set to focus on the Golden Empire of Yi Ti, a region not fully explored in HBO’s original series and only lightly touched on in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels. The upcoming prequel show House of the Dragon, which started production earlier this year, does feature a character who sailed to the region, however.

As for the two other potential animated Game of Thrones shows, details remain scarce at the moment but the idea is that at least one of them will help fill out HBO Max’s growing adult animation slate.

One of the other many GoT projects in development, titled Flea Bottom, is also no longer going ahead, with sources close to the project explaining it was set to follow life in the slums of King’s Landing. When reports about that series first surfaced, the idea was in its early stages and HBO never officially confirmed it.