The Super Bowl kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday. Yet this year, the Big Game is a little different since the season took place in the middle of a pandemic. This moved Saturday Night Live to touch on how a few exceptions to quarantine can make a Super Bowl party a deadly event. 

In the sketch, a group of friends gathers to watch the Super Bowl. Initially, they are all wearing their masks, but after ensuring each other that they’ve been safe, they decided to remove their protective coverings. After doing so, each person tried to explain how they’ve been very safe during the pandemic except for a few outrageous exceptions. 

“Man I’ve been crazy with this COVID stuff. I haven’t left my house at all,” a character played by Chris Redd said. “I mean I’ve been to the grocery store and to the laundry mat. And obviously, I’m still doing my wrestling club.”

Another character explains that he’s a mouth masseur, but because it’s for “work” everyone concedes to him being very safe and distant. The mouth masseur then brings out a pot of chili. Yet due to COVID, he’s hesitant to let people use his utensils. So, after a few squirts of hand sanitizer, they all dive into the chili with their hands. As they are eating, they realize that they can’t taste or smell anything.

This Super Bowl party ends up being a PSA featuring a faux Dr. Fauci on how not to spend the de facto holiday. He claims to understand that Americans are “bored, horny, and borderline nuts.” So, he partnered with Durex condoms and Cheetos to remind Americans to spend their Super Bowl Sunday alone.

Watch the full sketch above.